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If you should be refused an advance

If you should be refused an advance

You may be refused an advance in the event that you:

  • have not had your identity examined during the Jobcentre
  • have enough money to endure until your re re payment of Universal Credit
  • live with moms and dads, loved ones or buddies
  • have any earnings that are final redundancy re re payments
  • have any savings that are accessible

You are able to ask for the choice become reconsidered however you would not have a right to impress.

In the event that you no more get Universal Credit and possess not paid back your advance

You shall want to continue steadily to pay off your advance, even although you stop getting Universal Credit.

In the event that you move from Universal Credit to a different advantage the deductions will often carry on from your own repayments before the advance is repaid.

You will receive a letter telling you how much you owe if you move off benefits. The page shall request you to contact DWP Debt Management Contact Centre to set up your repayments. It is necessary you do not ignore this letter.

In the event that you don’t make repayment plans, the DWP can recover the quantity your debt by either:

  • calling your company ( in which you get one) to prepare for deductions to be manufactured from your profits
  • asking a separate business collection agencies agency to gather this cash on our behalf (you should deal straight using the separate financial obligation collector to set up repayment)

In the event that you not any longer get Universal Credit and cannot repay your advance

They are able to assist you to started to an arrangement that is affordable pay off your advance also as providing:

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