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Ask MetaFilter.The question does need some work.

Ask MetaFilter.The question does need some work.

I do not have a primary response to your concern, but I actually do suggest which you discuss these exact things with one another along with whatever else you may glean right here. It may lead to an interesting learning experience. Besides, each person is his / her very own source that is best of info. posted by moira at 1:20 PM on 14, 2006 february

Chinese culture is patriarchal. In a family group with sons and daughters, the pecking order is really as follows: Males so as of age descending, accompanied by females in an effort of age descending. Therefore a son that is 5-year-old their 35-year-old mother (in addition to daddy will allow both the caretaker and son know this). Young women can be in the bottom regarding the pecking order, plus they shall be produced aware of it constantly. In modern times (one young child policy) this has gotten a whole lot worse, while the phenomenon of spoiled sons that are rotten a name: Little Emperors.

Her moms and dads are unlikely to approve of her marrying A us. The “most-desired” wedding could be than her, Chinese, rich for her to marry a man 5-15 years older.

The financial possibility of her becoming a U.S. resident can make up I don’t know for you not being rich.

It is, needless to say, a stereotype. Continue reading Ask MetaFilter.The question does need some work.